Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning plays a big part in the life of OLHC. Below is a simple slide show that outlines some information for OLHC parents about both our approach and stance on Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning. Feel free to contact us for any clarification.


Term 4 2023

  • Foundation - Communication/Literature- Everyone has a story to tell
  • Grade 1 - Health & PE- Healthy for Life
  • Grade 2 - Communication  - Poetry in Motion
  • Grade 3 - Health & PE - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
  • Grade 4 - Communication - Talk to me 
  • ​Grade 5 - Health & PE - The Value of me
  • Grade 6 - Exhibition- I AM passion project

Gr. 6 Unit of Inquiry

Senior Exhibition “I AM”

Central Idea: People’s passions provoke and sustain learning and creativity while providing a way for them to contribute to the community.

Lines of Inquiry:

-why passions matter

-the background and or history of your passion

-the evolution of your passion

-your connection to this passion

On the evening of Nov 29th our 72 Grade 6's presented their I AM passion projects. This exhibition was a celebration of learning through the lens of a self selected topic. Please view the gallery to see some images of this fantastic event.